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Joining My Spouse/Ex-Spouse's Collaborative Divorce:
What's It All About?

First, welcome to our Web page. We appreciate your willingness to take a closer look at what Collaborative Divorce can mean to you. An open mind can open new doors to the future well-being of you and your family.

To describe what Collaborative Divorce IS, it's helpful to desribe what is IS NOT. Collaborative divorce is not about winning or losing. The process does not play favorites. There are no winners or losers. The playing field is level. In other words, it's not about one spouse getting the upper hand, or taking advantage of the other person. There are no victors and no victims.

In essence, Collaborative Divorce is a way for you to deal with the ending of a marriage and the beginning of a new life and new relationships by coming to an agreement that you and your spouse can both live with in the future .

As the Frequently Asked Questions on the following page will explain in more detail, Collaborative Divorce can help save a substantial amount of time and money. Beyond removing the financial drain and reducing stress, the process is the best way to make sure you are satisfied with the arrangements.

Take a look at this Comparison Chart:



Family Law Litigation

Collaborative Divorce


12-48 months on avg

4-8 months/on avg.


$20,000 per person/on average

$4,000 per person/on average


Not all issues resolved

All issues successfully decided

Post-Agreement Litigation

XX% of the time

Less than 5% of the time


Instead of a knock-down, drag out fight, the parties in a Collaborative Divorce feel as if they have been able to reach a mutual agreement that is satisfactory to all concerned.

You may have other questions at this time. Click here to read the most Frequently Asked Questions.





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