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Besides collaborative family law, Storch Law, PLLC also offers mediation services, legal advice in the areas of estate planning and probate, traditional uncontested family law, and guardianship law. If you need legal advice in an area not served by Storch Law, PLLC, we can make a referral to a qualified, experienced attorney in a number of other fields, as well as other qualified professionals such as financial planners, tax advisors, divorce counselors, and psychologists.


You may be considering hiring a mediator, whether or not legal representation already exists. If this is the case, Storch Law, PLLC provides facilitative mediation services focused on empowering clients in creating effective solutions to their problems. Melissa Shields Storch, attorney with Storch Law, PLLC, has coached people for nearly a decade in being powerful and effective in all areas of their lives, and she brings a compassionate approach to working with clients.

Estate Planning/Probate

Storch Law, PLLC offers estate planning packages, including a Last Will and Testament, General Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Health Care Directive. We also review and make recommendations to clients seeking to create new wills, for example, in cases such as a divorce, remarriage, death of spouse, etc. Storch Law, PLLC has referrals for experienced, credentialed financial planners to advice clients on investing and planning the details of their estates.

Traditional Uncontested Family Law

After consulting with Storch Law, PLLC and considering a collaborative approach to resolving your family law dispute, if you find that you really need unbundled, ala carte legal representation, Storch Law, PLLC may choose to represent you in a more traditional uncontested approach. You will have the opportunity to assess your needs together, and make a powerful decision on how to handle your family law matter. Divorce, separation, child custody disputes, child support modifications, and relocation are all areas in which Storch Law, PLLC is experienced, and will work with you to determine which dispute resolution path will best suite your needs.


You may be a family member of someone in need of either financial or medical/health care, or you may already be appointed as a guardian for a minor or an incapacitated person. If you need to set up a guardianship, or you need to file an annual accounting, then Storch Law, PLLC may be able to assist you. You will need to contact Melissa Shields Storch directly to discuss your circumstances, and whether a guardianship is the appropriate vehicle for accomplishing your goal.



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Storch Law Group, PLLC serves both the Eastside Puget Sound communities of Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah and the Sammamish Plateau as well as the Greater Seattle area as specialists in all aspects of Collaborative Family legal issues including Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, Guardianship, Estate/Probate law, and other Collaborative Family Law cases. Contact Melissa Shields Storch today.

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