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About Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative aproach in marital and family law is an effective method of settling disputes where the parties agree to work fairly and cooperatively to resolve their differences without court intervention. 

Lawyers serve as advisors and advocates, committed to reaching resolution with integrity, fairness, and the best long-term interests of all involved. 

Central collaborative practice principles revolve around the following:

  •  The parties promise to approach resolution without threatening court intervention.
  • Participants agree to negotiate in good faith, disclose all pertinent information, and keep their communications constructive and respectful.
  • A series of substantive discussions occur in “four-way meetings” with the two attorneys and parties in attendance.
  • If either party seeks court intervention, the attorneys for both parties and their firms are disqualified from further participation in that matter.
  • Communications are inadmissible in any subsequent court proceedings without the consent of all.




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