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My Own Collaborative Divorce:
First Steps

Welcome! If you are proceeding along the path to more knowledge about Collaborative Divorce as a possible solution, you are in the right place.

To confirm whether you are a potential candidate for the Collaborative Divorce process, please ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a non-abusive, non-adversarial and non-combative relationship with your spouse OR do you think it would be possible to achieve a non-adversarial relationship with your own representatives? If your answer is "YES" please continue, if "No," a highly adversarial or combative relationship would make a Collaborative Divorce agreement a less likely outcome.
  • Are there deeply disputed issues of child custody, parental fitness, or other behavioral matters between you and your spouse? Do either one of you believe your situation can only be handled in a court proceeding? If your answer is "No", please continue, if "Yes" you should know that that hotly contested issues of child custody, parental competency or behavioral problems may be an insurmountable obstacle to both parties finding common ground.
  • Are you interested in participating in a cooperative process that is solution-oriented and client-focused, rather than antagonistic?
  • Are you and your spouse willing to resolve your case without going to court?
  • Can you and your spouse seek creative solutions to address your unique needs and concern?
  • Are you willing to voluntarily provide documentation to your spouse or partner and vice versa?

Congratulations. If you now feel more confident that you are a candidate for the Collaborative Divorce process, please continue on to our page on Frequently Asked Questions and Info for your Spouse. If you are ready to schedule an appointment to meet, click here to arrange a no-obligation consultation.





Questions or comments about the information on this page? Please include comments below and include your email address if you would like a response.



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