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Thinking Differently About Divorce




The time has come in our society to think differently about divorce and the time-worn notions of winners and losers, payback or punishment, victors and victims. Divorce does not have to mean disaster -- for you, your children, your finances, your home or your career. By mapping out common ground, defining new borders and charting new territory, the landscape of your life can be transformed in more positive and meaningful ways.

This website offers many paths to help you decide whether Collaborative Divorce is an effective time and cost-saving solution for you and your family members. If you are contemplating a Collaborative Divorce, click on the first link above, "Initiating Your Own Collaborative Divorce." If you are the spouse, please explore the second pathway, "Joining your spouse in a Collaborative Divorce..." If you are a legal counselor, navigate path number three, "Serving as Attorney/Advisor." Or, if you are a community association, faith-based group or other public forum interested in learning more, there's a path for you too. Take the first step today toward a more collaborative future.



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